Flowers & Plants

Pam Sargeant | Pink Gerbera

Pink Gerbera

A still life set up of a pink gerbera and white gypsophila
Pam Sargeant | Yelllow Lily

Yelllow Lily

Pale yellow lily in the garden, taken against a black background to contrast the colour
Pam Sargeant | Yellow Lillies

Yellow Lillies

A close up of yellow lilies in the garden
Pam Sargeant | Pink Cosmos Flowers

Pink Cosmos Flowers

A selection of beautiful pink cosmos flowers
Pam Sargeant | Seed Head

Seed Head

A Macro view of a half blown dandelion seed head, they may be considered a weed but make for a very interesting close-up photo.
Pam Sargeant | Allium


A macro photo of an Allium Seed Head taken in the garden to give an abstract feel
Pam Sargeant | Fuschia


Fuschia in the garden, taken in mono to show off the simple beauty of the plant
Pam Sargeant | Purple Aquilegia

Purple Aquilegia

Purple and white Aquilegia Vulgaris, also known as columbine or Grannys Bonnet, a very pretty late spring flower.
Pam Sargeant | Purple and White

Purple and White

The Blue/Purple Cranesbill Geranium with white rock looking splendid together.
Pam Sargeant | White Aquilegia

White Aquilegia

A very pretty white aquilegia, a beautiful late spring flower, also known as columbine or grannys bonnet
Pam Sargeant | Clematis


Close up of the centre of a clematis, this variety is a nelly moser and has lovely large flowers.