Holland, Amsterdam and Nijmegen

Mary Fletcher | Dutch Windmill at Kinderdijk

Dutch Windmill at Kinderdijk

The lowlands have been prone to flooding through the ages despite the building of canals and dikes, including the 1421 Saint Elisabeth’s flood that killed thousands after the dikes broke in several places. To stem the flooding, the Kinderdijk windmills were built in 1738 and 1740 — two earlier than that — to move water from the lower areas to higher spots and into the river.
Mary Fletcher | Christiaan Brunnings

Christiaan Brunnings

Launched in 1900 the SS Christiaan Brunnings, a 31-metre, steam driven, inland passenger transport with an icebreaker hull, was built for the Board of the Rijkswaterstaat and named after its founder, the famous 18th century Dutch hydraulic engineer. It served for 68 years before narrowly escaping being broken up and was instead handed over to the Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum (Netherlands Maritime Museum), where it has now been based for 50 years.
Mary Fletcher | Nijmegen


A small marina lying within the banks of the Rhine in Nijmegen, Holland. On the right side of this picture you can see a small quirky outdoor bar and BBQ area.
Mary Fletcher | Nijmegen Waterfront

Nijmegen Waterfront

Amare and Zester moored alongside a part of Nijmegen’s colourful waterfront. Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands! Situated on the River Waal, it dates back to Roman times and has a rich cultural heritage.
Mary Fletcher | Pancake Boat!

Pancake Boat!

The Pancake Boat moored alongside the Waalkade on the opposite of Holland Casino in Nijmegen. You can cruise down the Rhine on this vessel and eat as many pancakes as you can!
Mary Fletcher | Belvédère watchtower, Hunnerpark

Belvédère watchtower, Hunnerpark

The Belvédère was a guard or watch tower in the Dutch city of Nijmegen , on the east side of the Valkhof in the Hunnerpark . The tower, built in the middle of the 15th century as a tower , was elevated to play tower by the city architect Peter van Blokhout around 1646 and restored in 1888 by JJ Weve. Above the entrance are two copies of facing bricks - of which the originals in the Gemeentemuseum - the top dated 1646. The Belvédère is clearly visible from the Waalbrug in the direction of Nijmegen.
Mary Fletcher | Valkhof Park

Valkhof Park

Valkhof Park is a small wooded area with ancient Roman ruins, a chapel and scenic river views. It is situated in Nijmegen, which is on the Dutch German border.
Mary Fletcher | Farming, Dutch Style

Farming, Dutch Style

A farmer ploughs his field just outside Amsterdam, Holland.
Mary Fletcher | Amazone on a Dutch Canal

Amazone on a Dutch Canal

Amazone is one of the many barges that carry goods down the Dutch canal from Amsterdam and into the Rhine.
Mary Fletcher | Elizabeth


Elizabeth cruises in the harbour in Amsterdam. Elizabeth is a Barquentine rigged traditional sailing vessel.
Mary Fletcher | Jantina


Jantina is a tradtional Dutch canal boat which is used to take tourists around the canals in Kinderdijk.
Mary Fletcher | Amsterdam Facade

Amsterdam Facade

A wonderful facade so typical of Amsterdam on a “canal” street.
Mary Fletcher | All About Amsterdam

All About Amsterdam

This image depicts all that Amsterdam is about, colourful gabled facades, canals and bikes. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands.
Mary Fletcher | Amsterdam Canal

Amsterdam Canal

Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ capital, known for its artistic heritage, elaborate canal system and narrow houses with gabled facades, legacies of the city’s 17th-century Golden Age.
Mary Fletcher | Amsterdam


A small street in the old town area of Amsterdam. There are many of these pretty quiet treelined streets with a canal running down the centre and the residential buidings overlooking on each side.
Mary Fletcher | Amsterdam Central Station

Amsterdam Central Station

Amsterdam Central Station main train station is the real heart of the city: central not only by the name, but also as the biggest public transport transfer spot, serving not only visitors to Amsterdam, but also city inhabitants. Every day 250,000 people go through the Amsterdam Central Station.
Mary Fletcher | The Eye, Amsterdam

The Eye, Amsterdam

The striking architecture of the EYE Filmmuseum made it quickly become one of Amsterdam’s modern icons. Situated on the northern bank of the River IJ, just opposite Central Station, this cinema, film museum, café/restaurant and cutting-edge event location is a must-see.
Mary Fletcher | Busy Amsterdam

Busy Amsterdam

A lovely photo of a typical summers day in Amsterdam. Here the people are relaxing in the bars and on the street overlooking one of the many canals. The canal is busy with boats and in the distance you can see the Saint Nicholas Church.