Tom Bell | Tyne Bridges

Tyne Bridges

Bridges on the river Tyne, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Four bridges can be seen including the Millennium bridge in the background. Print ratio 16 to 9
Tom Bell | Fog on the Tyne

Fog on the Tyne

The Tyne bridge, Newcastle. depicting an eerie and serene feel to the famous landmark. This was taken ten minutes after my other Tyne bridge photo 'Tyne Dusk'. The famous fog on the Tyne, clear one minute, the fog rolling down the Tyne the next. Print ratio 3 to 2
Tom Bell | Tyne Dusk

Tyne Dusk

The Tyne bridge, Newcastle. instantly recognisable world wide and the photographic subject of many a local photographer. Print ratio size 3 to 2.