English Electric Lightning

James Biggadike | 11 Squadron Lightning

11 Squadron Lightning

English Electric Lightning from No.11 Squadron Royal Air Force
James Biggadike | Getting Airborne

Getting Airborne

RAF Lightning F6 from 11 Squadron climbing rapidly from takeoff
James Biggadike | BAC Lightning F6 - XS904/BQ

BAC Lightning F6 - XS904/BQ

BAC Lightning F6 - XS904/BQ. The English Electric Lightning was the only all British Mach 2 fighter to be developed during the Cold War. English Electric was later incorporated into the British Aircraft Corporation and all later aircraft were produced as the BAC Lightning.
James Biggadike | Lightning Burner

Lightning Burner

An English Electric Lightning thunders through the clouds. Composite Image. Created from stock images and digital paint techniques.
James Biggadike | Bear Hunter

Bear Hunter

RAF EE Lightning safeguarding the skies from Russian intrusion. Composite image. Cloud image from Pexels
James Biggadike | Display Lightning

Display Lightning

RAF English Electric Lighting from the Firebirds display team