Chris Langley | The Fisherman - Great Blue Heron

The Fisherman - Great Blue Heron

Found in many locations in Europe, North America and elsewhere, this proud fellow was found watching for fish in Deer Lake, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.
Chris Langley | The Osprey

The Osprey

A large predator raptor, living largely in coastal zones in many parts of the world. They build their large unruly nests on ledges and platforms and are increasingly becoming seen in urban areas nesting on buildings. Their plunge into water for their fishy prey is usually feet first.
Chris Langley | Raccoon the Bandit

Raccoon the Bandit

Raccoons come from a particularly North American origin and are not naturally found anywhere else. They live in forests, marshes, farmland and commonly in urban areas where there are trees and ground level foliage. They are medium in size and generally cautious around people. However do not corner Mother with her kits as you will probably get a ferocious response.
Chris Langley | Eye to Eye with a Peacock

Eye to Eye with a Peacock

A friendly peacock, not too nervous and willing to let one approach near enough for a good telephoto shot.
Chris Langley | Red Kite in Camoflage Roost at Sunset

Red Kite in Camoflage Roost at Sunset

Out watching Red Kites one evening I heard the distinctive cry of the kite coming from a tree overhead. It took a while to spot it, but this handsome fellow had taken up his evening roost. Once you find him he is hard to miss, but still well camoflaged, with the low evening sun lighting him up.The Red Kite is considered to be a threatened species, but re-introduction of this bird has been very successful in some areas, especially in the Chilterns where they seem to be everywhere. A fairly large bird, a small number were spotted with radio transmitters on their backs, so obviously science is trying to figure out where they are safe and where they are not. It is beautiful to watch them swoop and hover and their distinctive call gives one the impression that they are delighted to be flying. They do not stay still for long and they are hard to photograph as a result.
Chris Langley | American Widgeon - Mareca americana

American Widgeon - Mareca americana

Found from Alaska through western Canada and down into California, also found in Hawaii. Likes ponds in marshy ground
Chris Langley | Stellar's Jay in Late Afternoon - NW British Columbia

Stellar's Jay in Late Afternoon - NW British Columbia

Stellar's Jays are found in many locations in British Columbia, though are not common. Those in the south seem much darker than those in the north, a large, active and very noisy bird.
Chris Langley | Humming Bird in hover

Humming Bird in hover

This humming bird has unusual markings making it hard to identify. It could be a Rufous or an Anna's Hummingbird female. Photographed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Chris Langley | A pair of Northern Flickers

A pair of Northern Flickers

A mated pair of Northern Flickers, a western Canadian woodpecker type, rarely settle together close enough for a pair image. This pair sat for about 5 minutes, long enough for me to fetch my camera and say smile.
Chris Langley | Red Kite Soaring - Watercolour

Red Kite Soaring - Watercolour

This image of a beautiful Red Kite soaring overhead is rendered as a watercolour
Chris Langley | Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) on the Alert!

Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) on the Alert!

The Renard caught watching attentively from more closely than I dared to hope
Chris Langley | Magpie - Pica Pica

Magpie - Pica Pica

A magpie caught on the edge of a Dutch garden pool waiting for baby goldfish to pop up for air!
Chris Langley | Egyptian Goose - Alopochen aegyptiaca

Egyptian Goose - Alopochen aegyptiaca

Photographed in Arerdenhout, the Netherlands, this Egyptian Goose was a pleasant surprise. While not especially threatened, they are quite rare but examples have been imported into various countries around the world and are considered wild/non-native species