Richard Burdon | Greymare Dawn, Dunstanburgh

Greymare Dawn, Dunstanburgh

The Graymare rocks and sea bathed in the glorious pink glow of pre-dawn light.
Richard Burdon | Evening at Bamburgh Castle

Evening at Bamburgh Castle

Evening light illuminates the castle and beach at Bamburgh
Richard Burdon |  Sunrise Over Bamburgh Castle

Sunrise Over Bamburgh Castle

Swathes of pink light fill the sky as the pre-dawn light strengthens over Bamburgh castle.
Richard Burdon |  Beadnell Harbour Sunset

Beadnell Harbour Sunset

A spectacular fiery sunset over Beadnel harbour in Northumberland. Once the sun had set, the afterglow burst into life leaving the many onlookers standing looking in awe.
Richard Burdon |  Holy Isle Sunrise

Holy Isle Sunrise

A tranquil scene with the sun just appearing from behind Lindisfarne castle on a glorious calm autumn dawn.
Richard Burdon | Sunset at Beadnel harbour

Sunset at Beadnel harbour

A spectacular sunset over Beadnel harbour in Northumberland, captured on a calm late summer's evening
Richard Burdon | Dunstanburgh Sunrise

Dunstanburgh Sunrise

The sun just rising over Dunstanburgh Castle on a cold autumnal dawn.