DC-3 Dakota

James Biggadike | Aerial Assault

Aerial Assault

DC-3 Dakotas carry troops over enemy territory
James Biggadike | Airborne Invasion

Airborne Invasion

June 1944 and the first elements of the Invasion of Europe head for their drop zones on the French coast
James Biggadike | Bombers Over Lincoln

Bombers Over Lincoln

A flight of Lancaster Bombers over Lincoln Cathedral. Composite Image
James Biggadike | Dakota On Approach

Dakota On Approach

A RAF C-47 Dakota turns in to the circuit for final landing
James Biggadike | Dakota Arriving

Dakota Arriving

RAF C-47 Dakota on final approach
James Biggadike | Dakotas


Douglas DC-3 Dakotas on formation at IWM Duxford
James Biggadike | D-Day Invasion

D-Day Invasion

6th June 1944 and waves of Douglas Dakotas drop troops over Northern France. D-Day and the allied forces get a foothold in Northern Europe. Composite Image.
James Biggadike | Dakota


Douglas DC-3 Dakota or C-47 Skytrain famous Warbird from WW2. Composite Image
James Biggadike | Invasion Of Europe

Invasion Of Europe

June 1944 and thousands of patatroops packed in to C47s head for France in the first stages of the Invasion of Europe. Digital art