Curious Bits & Pieces

Chris Langley | The Lifeguard's Chair

The Lifeguard's Chair

Cate's Park on Burrard Inlet, British Columbia, Canada. In season when the beaches are securely guarded by lifeguards constantly watching the water for dangers, the lot of the lifeguard is a lonely one. The empty elevated chair perched on the water's edge in winter time emphasizes that loneliness but symbolizes better times to come.
Chris Langley | British Columbia Streetcar 1223

British Columbia Streetcar 1223

The British Columbia Electric Railway operated several lines for streetcars on various routes running out from Vancouver as far as the Fraser Valley. They were more commonly calledinterurbans. They ceased service totally in 1958 and today only a small number of these old cars remain in existence. Some have been restored. This image of car 1223, built in 1913, ran out through Burnaby and was photographed from the street during removal from its restoration site to its new home.
Chris Langley | Fisherman's Memorial, Steveston, British Columbia, Canada

Fisherman's Memorial, Steveston, British Columbia, Canada

The Pacific fishing fleet, largely based in Steveston on the Fraser River delta, has suffered many losses over the years of the boats and men who fish these wild and vengeful waters. The memorial in Steveston bears all their names.
Chris Langley | The Key

The Key

In the village of Apold, south of Sibiu, Romania, is an ancient fortified church, something not uncommon in Romania. In the outer wall of the defensive wall is a wooden door which is kept locked. Hanging on a nail on the inside of the door lies the key. The simplicity and fragility of this item compared to the task demanded of it was very poignant.
Chris Langley | Children at play, waterside statues

Children at play, waterside statues

At the edge of Lake Okanagan, in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada, these bronze, life size statues reflect year round the joy of children playing at the water's edge
Chris Langley | Vancouver Sidewalk Inset - People of the Salmon

Vancouver Sidewalk Inset - People of the Salmon

The influence of native people (first nations) grows in Vancouver and their art work is seen more and more in the fabric of the city. The native family names come from the wildlife