Wales and The Isle of Anglesey

Iain McGregor | The Cross and The Lighthouse

The Cross and The Lighthouse

Yns Llanddwyn, Anglesey. The dramatic strong sunlight catches two of the iconic structures on this island, both guiding lights in their own rights. The Large Lighthouse or Goleudy Tŵr Mawr.
Iain McGregor | Rhuddgaer Stepping Stones

Rhuddgaer Stepping Stones

The Rhuddgaer Stepping Stones over the Afon Braint. These are the giant sized stepping stones of the tidal part of the Afon Braint. Afon is Welsh for River. These stones can be covered by a the higher tides and care must be taken when crossing. A wonderful focal point on the Anglesey Coastal Path (but beware of the midges at sunset)