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Where Biggin Dale meets Wolfscote Dale., Iain McGregor


Iain McGregor

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Iain's Images


Hello or as they say locally, "Ey op" ...


... and thank you taking the time to visit this site to have a look at my photos.


You’ll find them by simply scrolling down this page to the display of Albums and choosing an appropriate album by clicking on the little 'chain link' as it appears in the middle of the icon when you place the mouse over the folder in order to open it up. 


I am lucky to be able to enjoy photography and art created using a camera. I’m currently based near to the Peak District in Derbyshire, but bring you images from my travels around the United Kingdom and some produced closer to home.


Thank you once again for having a look ...


(sometime picture-taker, always learning)


PS. You can find further images of mine on Flickr and Facebook.


So now scroll down to my albums and enjoy looking through ...

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