Visual Miscellany!

Liz Alderdice | Printmaker's Palete Knife and Ink

Printmaker's Palete Knife and Ink

Taken in a local artists' studio where print making was being demonstrated.
Liz Alderdice | Hereford - Sunlit Webs

Hereford - Sunlit Webs

Sunlight catching webs on the ornate, iron railings outside the historic Hereford Cathedral where the Mappa Mundi is housed. Blue painted boarding hides a building site opposite thus providing the perfect backdrop for the image.
Liz Alderdice | Lace Making

Lace Making

Many crafts like the making of lace have been 'modernized' by our technical world, so I was very happy to be invited to a Lace Makers convention in Aberdeen, to take photos of the amazing and detailed work involved. Much patience is required and many of the (mostly) ladies had been making lace for many years. As it is so intricate there were various magnifying lamps being used and this gave me a great chance to have a closer look at the pins, treads and lace bobbins.