tammy mellor | field of deer

field of deer

i was very lucky to get this picture of all the deer you can even see some of them looking at me and they all stood still long enough for me to capture them in their beauty
tammy mellor | nutty squirrel

nutty squirrel

squirrel perched on the wall at knypersley reservoir,in staffordshire
tammy mellor | nuthatch


beautiful nuthatch taken at knypersley reservoir near biddulph in staffordsire
tammy mellor | lovely robin

lovely robin

lovely robin sat on the fence at knypersley reservoir the birds are so tame and they always seem to pose for the camera
tammy mellor | kingfisher


i have been following this little fellow up and down the river for months and have finally captured him looking for fish on a small wall
tammy mellor | black bird silhouette

black bird silhouette

i was out early in the morning and managed to capture the moment the black bird flipped the berry and was about to eat it
tammy mellor | kestrel on the hunt

kestrel on the hunt

so many kestrels about this year and so lucky this one was hunting right above me
tammy mellor | barn owl

barn owl

its taken a lot of time and effort to finally get a good close up of the wild owls in the moorlands where i live and im so lucky this one landed so close
tammy mellor | barn owl up close

barn owl up close

its taken me nearly 2 years to capture this image of the wild barn owl i was lucky last night he landed no more than 15 feet away and posed for the camera
tammy mellor | barn owl

barn owl

another of my favourite pictures of the beautiful barn owl wild and free and doing well in the staffordshire moorlands
tammy mellor | barn owl

barn owl

captured this male barn owl resting on a post near the peak district
tammy mellor | barn owl up close

barn owl up close

so lucky to capture this male barn owl perched on a post in the moorlands
tammy mellor | barn owl

barn owl

beautiful barn owl out in the staffordshire moorlands stopped a while for a few pics