George Davidson | Cascade 2

Cascade 2

Water falling over rocks in a park in Scotland
George Davidson | Cascade 1

Cascade 1

Water falling over rocks before joining the river below
George Davidson | Flow


The sea flowing over rocks as the tide recedes
George Davidson | Splash


The waterfall in Jesmond Dene
George Davidson | Flow


Close up view of a waterfall
George Davidson | Between the Rocks

Between the Rocks

View over the rocks to the waterfall in Jesmond Dene
George Davidson | The Arched Bridge

The Arched Bridge

The arched stone bridge over the river in Jesmond Dene. The old mill can be seen in the background
George Davidson | Along the RIver

Along the RIver

A view along the river in Jesmond Dene, showing the arched stone bridge & waterfall beyond