Mary Fletcher | Innsbruck Suburb

Innsbruck Suburb

Innsbruck lies in a valley in Austria and is surrounded by the snow capped alps.
Mary Fletcher | Pfarre Lech

Pfarre Lech

This beautiful church sits on top of a small hill in the gorgeous viallage of Lech in Austria.
Mary Fletcher | Austrian Air Ambulance

Austrian Air Ambulance

The Austrian air ambulance is seen on most days around the ski slopes of Arlberg. This service is vital to take injured skiers off the mountain and into the hospital as soon as possible. Here the helicopter has landed just below the Arlenmahderbahn chairlift.
Mary Fletcher | Red Run St Anton

Red Run St Anton

A ski route on the treeline above the alpine ski resort of St Anton in Austria.
Mary Fletcher | Alpine Views

Alpine Views

The beautiful snow covered alps above the small town of Lech in Austria.
Mary Fletcher | On top of the World

On top of the World

There are many of these restaurants dotted around the ski slopes in the Alps. This is above the wonderful Austrian town of St Anton. Skiers are enjoying the view before skiing down the mountain.
Mary Fletcher | Alpine Hut

Alpine Hut

A small alpine hut perched on the edge of the mountain high above St Anton in Austria.
Mary Fletcher | The Austrian Alps

The Austrian Alps

A beautiful view of the Austrian Alps from Innsbruck.