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Steve Stamford | Merchant seafarer's war memorial 2

Merchant seafarer's war memorial 2

This is the Merchant Seafarer's War Memorial situated at Britannia Quay, Cardiff Bay, Wales. The artist is Brian Fell and it is in memory of the merchant seafarers from the ports of Barry Penarth and Cardiff who died in time of war. Commissioned in 1994 by the Cardiff Bay Arts Trust it comprises a melding together of a man's face and the damaged hull of a ship. DSD_8031
Steve Stamford | Duke of Lancaster 3

Duke of Lancaster 3

The Duke of Lancaster, originally a cruise ship for up to 1,800 passengers ended up on the Welsh coast with plans for it to be used for a variety of leisure activities. Known to many as The Fun Ship the plan met prolonged and sustained opposition from local authorities and in the end the owner gave up and here the ship lies to this day. The graffiti was added by several artists over several years with the permission of the owner. I hold a CAA Permit for Commercial Operation to fly and sell work from my drone. Copy of licence is available on request.
Steve Stamford | Railway coupling hook

Railway coupling hook

Seen on an old railway wagon coupling hooks and chain links were, and indeed still are an integral part of the rail system. As the paint and wood slowly decay around it, the hook and chain remain comparatively untouched by time.
Steve Stamford | steam valves

steam valves

steam control valves on a beam engine, claymills. Engine in motion so some motion blur at leading edges.