In the kitchen

Steve Stamford | Autumn harvest

Autumn harvest

A simple still life of a selection of vegetables in a basket on a wooden counter top. A beautiful image to grace kitchens and restaurant areas alike.
Steve Stamford | Pestle and mortar

Pestle and mortar

Long before the days of large industry the grinding of seeds and herbs was done by hand - a long and slow process that would soon make you appreciate convenience foods.
Steve Stamford | Leeks on the menu

Leeks on the menu

A simple still life of some leeks on a wooden table. An ideal image for a kitchen or restaurant wall.
Steve Stamford | A bowl of pears

A bowl of pears

A simple still life image of a bowl of pears on a wooden table with a gently soft background.
Steve Stamford | Grapes on the vine

Grapes on the vine

A tantalising bunch of grapes still on the vine.
Steve Stamford | Halloween pumpkin

Halloween pumpkin

A pumpkin carved for Halloween.