Sunrise, Sunset, Seascapes and Weather

Jon Rendle | The Green Wave

The Green Wave

Backlit offshore wave at Polzeath, Cornwall
Jon Rendle | Three Gulls

Three Gulls

Seagulls flying towars the setting sun.
Jon Rendle | Sun Halo at Mount Batten

Sun Halo at Mount Batten

Sun halos are caused by light interacting with high level cloud. This taken over the River Plym.
Jon Rendle | Cumulonimbus at Sunset

Cumulonimbus at Sunset

Sunset over the Plymouth skyline
Jon Rendle | Plymouth Sound Cirrus Cloud

Plymouth Sound Cirrus Cloud

Stunning Cirrus cloud above Staddon Heights
Jon Rendle | Sunset Ketch

Sunset Ketch

A sailing boat returns to port at sunset, photographed in Plymouth Sound
Jon Rendle | Maker Heights Cornwall

Maker Heights Cornwall

Sunset behind trees at Maker Heights, cornwall. Taken from the Devon side, across Plymouth Sound.
Jon Rendle | Lone Breaking Wave

Lone Breaking Wave

A single wave breaking offshore on the South Devon coast.