Rowan Edmonds | Mountain lake reflections

Mountain lake reflections

Photo taken just after sunset of an island in the middle of a huge dam in northern Thailand with mountains in the distance. Reflections of the island in the lake with warm pastel colors reflecting from the beautiful sunset. The photo has an almost painterly feel with a warm calming vibe.
Rowan Edmonds | Warm Mountain Haze

Warm Mountain Haze

A warm and soft haze over the mountains of Northern Thailand. Painterly soft texture of the foreground trees with a soft and hazy background covering the mountains. The photo was taken just after sunset which provides a soft light and earthy tones across the whole image.
Rowan Edmonds | Forest Mountain Road

Forest Mountain Road

Forest mountain road with beautiful warm colors and sunlight breaking through the tress. This image was shot on top of Doi Suthep Mountain in Chiang Mai province in Northern Thailand.
Rowan Edmonds | Disused Rice Fields Chiang Mai

Disused Rice Fields Chiang Mai

Golden hour, sunset image taken in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai province in a disused rice field looking towards green tress. Contrasting colors between the foreground and background
Rowan Edmonds | Morning Mountain Clouds

Morning Mountain Clouds

Lay lowing clouds sitting over the distant mountains with moody storm clouds higher up in the sky in Chiang Mai Northern Thailand.