Southport and surrounding area in North West England

Susan Tinsley | New Brighton lighthouse

New Brighton lighthouse

An HDR photo of New Brighton lighthouse at low tide with the reflection shown in the rock pools.
Susan Tinsley | Sand surfer

Sand surfer

A sand surfer takes the opportunity of a windy day to surf on an empty Ainsdale beach near Southport, England.
Susan Tinsley | Charcoal Sunbeam

Charcoal Sunbeam

A charcoal painted effect of Sir Henry Segrave's Sunbeam Tiger that reenacted the land speed record after 90 years on Ainsdale beach near Southport, Merseyside.
Susan Tinsley | Camper vans

Camper vans

Five different coloured camper vans line up on Ainsdale beach near Southport, Merseyside en route to a rally.
Susan Tinsley | Stripes on the beach

Stripes on the beach

A view over the sand dunes at Formby Point in England reveals stripes on the beach created by sand and channels of water.
Susan Tinsley | Southport shipwreck

Southport shipwreck

A shipwreck named the Star of Hope appears after storms move the sandbanks on the shores of Ainsdale beach near Southport, Merseyside. Some years the shipwreck is completely covered and visitors are none the wiser as to what lies under the surface.
Susan Tinsley | The Observatory

The Observatory

An observatory is sited on a hill at Hesketh Park, Southport , England overlooking the spring flowering bluebells.
Susan Tinsley | Marine  bridge

Marine bridge

The Marine bridge that crosses over the marine lake in Southport,Merseyside,England lit up at night with car trails passing through.
Susan Tinsley | Marine lake

Marine lake

The newly restored area around the marine lake in Southport, England at night lit up with the Millenium bridge in the background.
Susan Tinsley | Old Churchtown

Old Churchtown

The old part of Churchtown in Southport with shops,fishermen's cottages,pubs and churches shows of bygone times when this area was a small village for fishermen. This scene shows St Cuthbert's church and The Hesketh Arms pub and it has been given a slight painted effect.
Susan Tinsley | Pier at night

Pier at night

Southport pier at night with a lack of crowds and transport. The lights on the arches twinkle above the tram track.
Susan Tinsley | Multicoloured architecture

Multicoloured architecture

The Atkinson Gallery on Lord Street in Southport lit up in multicolours during the Southport Christmas switch on.
Susan Tinsley | Princess Diana Gardens

Princess Diana Gardens

Princess Diana Gardens on Lord Street , Southport, England with it's Town Gardens cafe is a lovely place to congregate in the sun and just watch the world pass by.
Susan Tinsley | St Mark church

St Mark church

St Mark Church of England in Scarisbrick, Lancashire illuminated at night. Sited on the main road near Southport, Merseyside, it has some old gravestones on the land.
Susan Tinsley | Under the canopy

Under the canopy

Under the canopy on Lord Street Southport are a few continental style cafes with outdoor seating. Given a pencil effect, this image ia a section of the Victorian boulevard which Southport is famous for.
Susan Tinsley | Southport war memorial

Southport war memorial

The war memorial on Lord Street, Southport Mereyside illuminated at night with the fountain lit up in blue.There are two memorials with the names of the war ead etched on stone in the open pillared monument.
Susan Tinsley | Southport Botanic Gardens

Southport Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens at Southport, Merseyside during an icy spell in winter.The trees are bare and ice is seen floating on top of the lake.
Susan Tinsley | Explosion of yellow

Explosion of yellow

An explosion of yellow lights up the sky and smoke abve Victoria Park in Southport,Merseyside during the British Musical Firework Championships.
Susan Tinsley | Starburst


Fireworks explode like a starburst during the British Musical Firework Championships in Southport,Merseyside.
Susan Tinsley | Autumn starburst

Autumn starburst

A starburst among the trees and ferns at Meresands nature reserve in Rufford , Lancashire lights up the autumn colours of the ferns.
Susan Tinsley | Formby sand dunes

Formby sand dunes

Formby sand dunes on Merseyside is a coastal defence where several tonnes of tobacco waste has been dumped among the dunes to help shore it up.Image has a slight vintage effect.
Susan Tinsley | Night fog

Night fog

Night fog under moonlight in Scarisbrick,Lancashire looking towards Winter Hill which has the red lights of the television transmitter glowing in the distance. The image has a magical feel about it with the low lying mist.
Susan Tinsley | Thatched cottage

Thatched cottage

A thatched cottage in the old part of Churchtown ,Southport is a reminder of bygone years when these used to be for the local fishermen to live in when the tide used to come further inland.
Susan Tinsley | Smoking Red Arrows

Smoking Red Arrows

The Red Arrows during a display at Southport Air Show billowing red, white and blue smoke trails in the sky.