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George Davidson | Clouds Over Rothbury

Clouds Over Rothbury

View looking down to Rothbury, a town in Northumberland on the River Coquet
George Davidson | Leaving the Forest

Leaving the Forest

View from a forest to the footpath beyond
George Davidson | Rocky View

Rocky View

Looking across the heather to the open countryside near Rothbury, in Northumberland
George Davidson | Out in the Country

Out in the Country

View across the moorland near Rothbury
George Davidson | Ripon Cathedral

Ripon Cathedral

Ripon Cathedral with the river Skell in the foreground
George Davidson | Bored...


A weathered stone gargoyle, with a very bored look on its face!
George Davidson | Feeling Sheepish

Feeling Sheepish

A small flock of sheep in a field near a stone building
George Davidson | Across the Valley

Across the Valley

View of the fields & hills south of Rothbury
George Davidson | Wary of Strangers

Wary of Strangers

A small group of sheep in front of a stone building & dry stone wall
George Davidson | Aysgarth Falls

Aysgarth Falls

The lower falls at Aysgarth, in Yorkshire
George Davidson | By the Water

By the Water

Part of the lower falls in Aysgarth, Yorkshire, after heavy rain
George Davidson | Garden View

Garden View

Looking across the Yorkshire countryside on a bright Autumn day
George Davidson | Fast Falls

Fast Falls

The Lower Falls in Aysgarth, Yorkshire
George Davidson | Fast Water

Fast Water

The Lower Falls in Aysgarth, Yorkshire, after the rain
George Davidson | Autumn Flow

Autumn Flow

Aysgarth's Lower Falls with the trees opposite showing their Autumn colours
George Davidson | Over the Wall

Over the Wall

A view of the Yorkshire countryside, with dry stone wall and hills in the distance
George Davidson | Time for Home

Time for Home

Sunset over the Yorkshire countryside
George Davidson | Bridge Over the Skell

Bridge Over the Skell

An old stone bridge over the river Skell. Ripon Cathedral can be seen in the background
George Davidson | Cullercoats Clock

Cullercoats Clock

The clock tower in Cullercoats
George Davidson | Along the Skell

Along the Skell

View along the River Skell to Ripon Cathedral