Linsey Williams | Highland Cow in Colour

Highland Cow in Colour

The wonderful and hardy Highland cow
Linsey Williams | Highland Cow Black and White

Highland Cow Black and White

The beautiful Highland cow also available in colour
Linsey Williams | Leicester Longwool

Leicester Longwool

The Leicester Longwool is a relatively hardy breed of Sheep and able to cope with cold conditions. But is not best suited to prolonged wet periods. This lovely animal is living on a city farm in Leicester. Animals have woolless white faces and legs and both sexes are polled. There is also a black strain of the breed. The wool is popular with hand spinners and well suited to direct marketing of woollen products.
Linsey Williams | Bad hair day

Bad hair day

A close up portrait of a highland cow.
Linsey Williams | Cow


A textured image of a beautiful cow
Linsey Williams | Because Ewe are Worth it

Because Ewe are Worth it

The lovely Leicester Longwool Sheep, seen here in her best natural hair do.
Linsey Williams | Giraffe in Mono

Giraffe in Mono

The tallest land mammal on the planet is the Giraffe, which can grow up to 16 and a half feet or 5 meters. There are nine subspecies of Giraffe some of which are on the endangered list. Some zoos rightfully are playing a part in their conservation, where they can live a happy and predatory free life from Humans and other animals.
Linsey Williams | Happy Highlander

Happy Highlander

A Highland Cow looking happy. Textures added for a more artistic feel.
Linsey Williams | Two Dogs

Two Dogs

Two dogs getting to know each other. Textures added for effect.
Linsey Williams | Monarch of the Park

Monarch of the Park

This beautiful Red Deer stag suddenly appeared really close to me and I just managed to take his photograph before he moved on. Taken at one of Leicestershires popular beauty spots
Linsey Williams | Monarch of the Park

Monarch of the Park

A silhouette of a beautiful Red Deer stag. Taken from an original photograph of mine which is also available to buy.
Linsey Williams | English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel

The wonderful English Springer Spaniel. A breed of gun dog bred for retrieving. A lively medium sized dog. Given a smudged paint over for effect.
Linsey Williams | Stag Party

Stag Party

A beautiful red deer stag resting after the rutting season. An original photograph of mine that has been given a digital make over for effect.
Linsey Williams | Highland Cow in Black and White

Highland Cow in Black and White

A Highland Cow portrait in black and white. This image has been given a makeover of an original that I did a few years ago.