Peter Hemington | A lone tree at Horns Cross

A lone tree at Horns Cross

On the A39 known as the Atlantic Highway in North Devon near Horns Cross this striking tree can be found near the road. A signal of the winds that shape the landscape and coast at near by Hartland. Rendered here in monotone and taken in winter,
Peter Hemington | Tree in spring

Tree in spring

A tree flourishing its spring leaves and forming a jaunty angle over a barred gate. A scene from farmland in Mid Devon near Westwood
Peter Hemington | Hill Top Copse

Hill Top Copse

Hill top copse of trees just off the A30 near the Devon Cornwall border. Seen here on a late summers day with thin high clouds. Known by some people as the Coming Home trees
Peter Hemington | Half a tree on Raddon Top

Half a tree on Raddon Top

A wind damaged tree on a Devon Hill taken at Sunset. The hill known as RaddonTop is near Thorverton. A sunset sky looking South West over Mid Devon
Peter Hemington |  Raddon Top in Devon

Raddon Top in Devon

A hill top sunset with silhouetted trees, from Raddon Hill in Mid Devon.The foreground tree has an interesting shape after incurring some storm damage. Taken in January. Raddon is near Thorverton in Mid Devon UK