Fine Art

Trevor Goose | Single Rock

Single Rock

Single rock long exposure photography with blurred sea
Trevor Goose | Standing Proud

Standing Proud

Long exposure of single post standing out from the sand
Trevor Goose | Grasping the Light

Grasping the Light

This shot gives me the impression of nature holding on to the sunlight as it drops below the horizon.
Trevor Goose | Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear

Sometimes we need to focus on what matters
Trevor Goose | Protection


Rubber rings around chains to protect fishing boats from scratching against the harbour in Whitstable.
Trevor Goose | Candle in the Window

Candle in the Window

A candle in the window of the Fordwich Arms, Kent
Trevor Goose | Swallows Feeding

Swallows Feeding

This was a lucky shot, as are most wildlife shots. I was hanging around a local pond area as I'd heard some Swallows had made it their home. Actually after swallows skimming the water, I noticed the fledglings in the tree and decided to wait for the Parent to return and feed them. In doing so I was lucky enough to land this shot.
Trevor Goose | Geese at Sunrise

Geese at Sunrise

A flock of Geese sitting on a frozen Mote Park Lake in Maidstone early one Winters morning.