8) Sunsets, sunrises and skies

Jean Fry | Day's end over a Dartmoor landscape

Day's end over a Dartmoor landscape

The sun goes down over the Dartmoor hills. I'd been to take photographs of the Sheepstor valley and hoping for a decent sunset, but it didn't look like it was going to happen. Then when I'd given up and started to make my way home, lo and behold I was rewarded with some lovely light and the sun going down across the moorland. The silhouetted hawthorns, the stone wall and farm gate were the icing on the cake. Photo taken from near Ringmoor Down (near Sheeps Tor) at the time of Autumn Equinox
Jean Fry | Fiery Sky over Dartmoor

Fiery Sky over Dartmoor

An amazing sunset, which looked as if the sky was on fire, and all the more impressive as it covered such a large area of the sky. The photograph was taken in the Plaster Down area of Dartmoor, near Pew Tor at the beginning of October.
Jean Fry | Dartmoor Sunset

Dartmoor Sunset

From the rocks on top of Sheeps Tor, Dartmoor, watching the sun going down. Late August.