Emotional expressions

Steve Stamford | Candle in the wind

Candle in the wind

A candle blowing in the wind, many rivulets of wax down the side
Steve Stamford | Depression


A stylised image of blue sky, sea and beach with one person's understanding of depression.
Steve Stamford | Poppy on the cross

Poppy on the cross

A poppy flower on a simple wooden cross, vignetted.
Steve Stamford | Valentine heart

Valentine heart

Valentine heart
Steve Stamford | Love me love my dog

Love me love my dog

Dog prints on the beach surrounded by a heart shape drawn with a pointy stick.
Steve Stamford | Stone footprint portrait

Stone footprint portrait

A simple pattern of stones in the sand simulating footsteps - albeit one toe short.
Steve Stamford | Remove the body

Remove the body

The somewhat dark, but none the less accurate warning on a quite 'chunky' DC power system.
Steve Stamford | Talacre lighthouse

Talacre lighthouse

Talacre beach is in Flintshire, Wales and overlooks the Irish sea. This lighthouse is properly known as Point of Ayr and was built in 1776 and fell into disuse in 1884.