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Rising Meconopsis, Scot Gillespie


Scot Gillespie

Scot Gillespie

Scot Gillespie working in nature and landscape photography.

Back in the 1980s I was a professional photographer, specialising in editorial, fashion and advertising, working mainly in medium and large format. During this period I contributed to leading publications and worked for a number of blue chip clients. 

Alas, the working briefs prescribed by the commercial world was far far away from the work I wanted to produce. This being so, I left photography behind me, not touching a camera for decades, and drifted into writing.

Now, decades later, writing has brought me back into the realm of creating photos, and to a place where I would have been happier back in the day, able to pursue subjects that I like in a way that I like.

…and hopefully in a manner that I hope that you like as well. 

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