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Hiya my names Garry, been a builder all my life, self employed and as with tools... building that is, i got hooked on cameras lol more than photography.  So then i did a course with Shaw Acadamy all my spare time spent looking for that one picture,  joined groups even started one lol... street photography gives me a buzz the thought of that candid shot and getting away with it, although city scapes,  architecture and wildlife also up there, photography is so subjective that i dont think there will ever be the perfect picture but it will not stop me looking. To every other person i know they think i am a sandwich short of a picnic lol.. out all the while but photography is hard to learn in my opinion and easy to get hooked on. I cannot finish this biography cause i havent took  that picture  YET!!!.

  • Date joined: 06/06/2018