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Anne Gardner


Born in Manchester, England, I later moved with my family to New Zealand, where I received my education. At age 18, I returned to England and Europe where I travelled around in England, France and Germany, until first coming to Australia in 1973.
I loved drawing and sketching but only attempted painting a couple of times and had no formal art education apart from art lessons in Teacher’s College. Between raising a family and working, I didn’t start painting again until 1995.
My first love is landscape painting, using acrylics on stretched canvas, and I am so fortunate to live in an area with such a diversity of beaches, farmland, bush and mountains. My husband and I have spent the last 15 years converting what was an acre of paddock into a lush bushland garden, with many flowering natives to attract local birds and wildlife. I am passionate about capturing their beauty and they provide the subject matter for many of my paintings, both watercolour and acrylic. I have an eclectic interest in subject matter and did not restrict myself to landscape. I have enjoyed some portraiture, still life, animals and birds, and I have also painted several abstracts and surrealistic paintings. In early 2015, I started a series of watercolour and ink paintings. Primarily, they formed a series of comical emu paintings, called “Emusing”.
I am Secretary to the Shoalhaven Art Society and a member of the Jervis Bay and Basin Arts Inc. I have a commitment to this area and to the promotion of art here. I have participated in many local exhibitions, as well as some interstate. In November 2015, I exhibited two paintings at the “Kangaroos visit Rome” exhibition, Palazzo Velli, Rome.
I have sold paintings to many parts of Australia and in New Zealand, USA, UK, and Germany.

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