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I am a keen photographer from Scotland who loves nothing more than being behind the camera and trying new ways to capture those magic moments, be it a stunning sunset, a dramatic landscape or a memorable portrait. I was lucky enough to grow up in a family that loved nature and photography, and I had an excellent photography teacher in my dad, who not only taught me which way round to hold the camera but also how to work in an old-school darkroom, and employ the various dodge/burn techniques etc. Nowadays I'm doing the same thing, except this time working in the digital format, but the principles remain the same.
I'm based in Ayr in south-west Scotland, and love travelling and capturing new sights and locations. I am fascinated with how light can constantly change the 'feel' of a landscape, creating different textures, patterns and colours. I hope that my passion for photography and 'capturing the moment' is translated into something special for you, the viewer

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