George Davidson | Northern Glow

Northern Glow

Sunrise on Tynemouth beach
George Davidson | Seaside Pool

Seaside Pool

A pool on a beach, reflecting the cloudy blue sky above
George Davidson | Upside Down

Upside Down

Old building in Newcastle, reflected in a puddle after heavy rain
George Davidson | Millenium


View of Newcastle, with the Millennium Bridge reflected in the River Tyne
George Davidson | On the Water

On the Water

A boat moored on the River Tyne in Newcastle. The boat and the buildings behind are reflected in the River Tyne
George Davidson | Low Light

Low Light

Sunrise, reflected on a wet sandy beach
George Davidson | Rocky Dawn

Rocky Dawn

Sunrise over a North East beach. The colours of the dawn a reflected in the pools left by the tide
George Davidson | Causeway


Saint Mary's Lighthouse in Whitley Bay. The tide is out, and the lighthouse is partially reflected in a pool left behind
George Davidson | The Spanish City

The Spanish City

Whitley Bay's Spanish City, and its reflection in a pool on the nearby beach
George Davidson | Sun Up, Sun Down

Sun Up, Sun Down

A colourful dawn, reflected in the wet sandy beach below