George Davidson | Along the Skell

Along the Skell

View along the River Skell to Ripon Cathedral
George Davidson | It's Beach O'Clock!

It's Beach O'Clock!

Mono view down stone steps to the beach. A lighthouse sits on the horizon under some white clouds,
George Davidson | A Path to the Sea

A Path to the Sea

A wooden walkway over grass, leading to a sandy beach
George Davidson | Over the Boardwalk

Over the Boardwalk

A wooden walkway leading to the sea
George Davidson | Three Clouds

Three Clouds

Three clouds over Blyth, as viewed from a wooden pier in the sea
George Davidson | North Pier - Mono

North Pier - Mono

Tynemouth's north pier and lighthouse
George Davidson | Tynemouth Priory

Tynemouth Priory

Tynemouth Priory under an Autumnal sky
George Davidson | Skull


A sun-bleached skull, mounted on a fence at a ranch
George Davidson | Wagon


Wild west wagon in need of repair
George Davidson | Fir Cone (3)

Fir Cone (3)

Scots Pine fir clone close up in mono
George Davidson | In Bloom

In Bloom

An open fir cone in black & white
George Davidson | Streetlight


Old streetlamp at Jesmond Dene.
George Davidson | Shadows


Leaves cast their shadow on a tree at Jesmond Dene
George Davidson | Mountains of the South Tyrol

Mountains of the South Tyrol

A mono view over a farm & valley to the south Tyrol mountains
George Davidson | Fisherman


A man in a boat preparing to go on a short fishing trip
George Davidson | To the Lake

To the Lake

A wooden jetty leading out into Lake Garda in Italy. The local feature known as the crocodile can be seen opposite the jetty