Steam Locomotives and Heritage Railways

David Hollingworth | The Royal Scot 2

The Royal Scot 2

The Royal Scot Class 4 - 6 - 0 is a express passenger steam locomotive running for a short period on the NYMR she is pictured here at the Trout Farm just north of Pickering, North Yorkshire. Royal Scot was renumbered 46100 from her original 6100 by British Railways following the nationalisation of the railways in 1948. She, along with other members of the class, was rebuilt by British Railways in 1950 with a new tapered design boiler. She went on to serve another 12 years in traffic on the West Coast Main Line before being retired from service in Nottingham in October 1962.
David Hollingworth | Eric Treacy

Eric Treacy

Ex LMS 5428 Eric Treacy 4 - 6 - 0 passing through the level crossing at NYMR Gromont Railway Station from Platform 4 to return to the Workshops for refueling. This wide angle image captures the power of the steam engine, a reputation of the Black Fives
David Hollingworth | 1501 GWR Pannier

1501 GWR Pannier

1501 Has been restored and is now she is operational of the heritage railways in the Uk, this year she is visiting the North Yorkshire Moors Railway taking part in the Autumn Steam Gala , seen here climbing up from Becks Hole about to pass under Darnholm Bridge.
David Hollingworth | Double Header

Double Header

Steam Locomotives 7714 and 5519 head up a Grosmont to Pickering departure sighted as they passed through Moorgates taking part in the 2017 Autumn Steam Gala on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.
David Hollingworth | 4 - 4 - 0  Repton

4 - 4 - 0 Repton

Designed by Richard Maunsell for the Southern Railway in 1930, the V Class - better known as the Schools Class as all locomotives were named after English public schools - was intended to meet a need for an intermediate passenger locomotive for routes needed power, Repton is owned by The North Yorkshire Moors Railway wher she is taking part in the Railway's 2017 Autumn Gala she can be seen crossing the North Yorkshire Moors
David Hollingworth | When Repton met Daisy

When Repton met Daisy

Steam Locomotive Schools Class Repton waiting for Daisy the scenic Diesil Multiple Unit to pull on to the Platform so she may depart with the 12:30 Hrs service from Grosmont to Pickering on the NYMR heritage Railway.
David Hollingworth | 92 Squardon

92 Squardon

Ex Br Bullied Pacific, Battle of Britain Class 92 Sqadron 4 - 6 - 2 passing over the level crossing at Grosmont Station en route to Pickering as part of NYMR 2018 Steam Gala
David Hollingworth | Repton


By 1928 the Southern Railway was well served by large 4-6-0 express passenger locomotives, but there was an urgent need for a class to fulfill intermediate roles throughout the system. Maunsell’s previous attempt at developing his predecessor’s L class for this task had proven a disappointment, and the Drummond D15 and L12 classes were approaching the end of their useful lives on these services. An entirely new secondary express passenger locomotive was required to operate over the main lines throughout the system including those that had relatively short turntables.
David Hollingworth | 40's Railway Station

40's Railway Station

Pickering Railway Station preserved as a replica of a typical 1940 period Railway Station, the Station is the headquarters of the Historical, Heritage Railway North Yorkshire Moors Railway
David Hollingworth | Sir Nigel Gresley 1

Sir Nigel Gresley 1

Sir Nigel Gresley in her last year on operational duties before going to the National Railway Musuem for a refit. This Photograph was taken at Grosmont Station on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway
David Hollingworth | Golden Arrow

Golden Arrow

Ex Southern Region 4 - 6 - 2 Bullied Pacific City of Wells No. 34092 waiting at Grosmont Station to haul the 09:30 Hrs service to Pickering on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway
David Hollingworth | City of Wells 2

City of Wells 2

Ex Southern Region 4 - 6 - 2 Bullied Pacific City of Wells No. 34092 passing through Fen Bog en route to Grosmont on the return journey of this special event with The City of Wells on the North Yorkshire Moors Heritage Railway
David Hollingworth | Grosmont Arrival

Grosmont Arrival

Steam Locomotive NER J27 P3 Arrives from Whitby at Grosmont en Route to Pickering on the North Yorks Moors Railways Heritage Line
David Hollingworth | J27 at Grosmont Station

J27 at Grosmont Station

J 27 shunts down passing by Platform 3 at Grosmont Station to collect the carriages for the next departure to Pickering on The North Yorkshire Moors Railway. This Steam Locomotive was origanly from The North Eastern Railway P3 2392
David Hollingworth | Galatea Departure

Galatea Departure

5699 was built at Crewe in April 1936 and named Galatea after HMS Galatea, which in turn was named after the Galatea of mythology. After nationalisation in 1948, it was renumbered 45699 by British Railways. On 16 August 1953, Galatea was derailed whilst hauling a passenger train at Wilnecote. The derailment was caused by a combination of defects on the locomotive itself, and the condition of the track. Despite the locomotive ending up on its side, only 2 people were reported injured and it was hardly damaged. She is seen here hauling the Scarborough Spa Express shortly after departing from Scarborough
David Hollingworth | Steam Locomotive Galetea

Steam Locomotive Galetea

5699 was built at Crewe in April 1936, and later renumbered 45699 by BR following nationalisation. In August 1953 Galatea was derailed and overturned whilst hauling a passenger train at Wilnecote. The locomotive was repaired and continued in service until being withdrawn by BR in 1964. Galatea is operated by West Coast Railways, she an Ex LMS Jubilee Class 4 - 6 - 0 designed by William Stanier. She hauls the Scarborough Spa Express on most Thursdays from June Onwards operating Carnforth to Scarborough
David Hollingworth | The Scarborough Spa Express - Galatea Departure

The Scarborough Spa Express - Galatea Departure

In winter of 1994 the SVR(H) Board announced the sale of 45690 Leander and 45699 Galatea to the family of Dr. Peter Beet. 45699 was still in ex-Barry condition when it left the Severn Valley Railway in 1994. 45699 was at Tyseley until 2002 when it was sold to the West Coast Railway Company and moved to Steamtown Carnforth where it was given a complete rebuild. This also included the manufacturing of a new middle driving wheel after the original was cut through after a shunting accident at Barry Island. Gallatea returned to steam in April 2013 and operates on the main line as part of the West Coast Railway fleet. Its mainline ticket is valid until 2020.
David Hollingworth | Day Trip To Scarborough

Day Trip To Scarborough

West Coast Railways operated a weekly excursion from Carnforth, Lancashire to Scarborough on the East Coat of North Yorkshire. Today the Train was hauled by Galatea an Ex LMS Jubilee Class 4 - 6 - 0, designed by William Stanier, entered service 1936
David Hollingworth | Repton in Winter

Repton in Winter

Repton was Restored at Eastleigh, entering Service May 1934 and was withdrawn 30th December 1962 at Basingstoke. Where she was renovated - Repton was donated by her purchaser to Steamtown USA in Vermont, who in turn loaned her to the Cape Breton Steam Railway in Canada. Some modifications were made to her to satisfy US/Canadian running requirements, most notably a high-sided coal tender - though this pattern of tender had been seen on other Schools in BR service. Now she is the 'lead' locomotive based at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway
David Hollingworth | B1 Arrival From Whitby

B1 Arrival From Whitby

No.1264 B1 arriving at Platform Two at Grosmont Station from Whitby as part of the NYMR 2019 Steam Gala No. 61264 was completed and entered traffic on 5th December 1947. Used on the many express passenger services between Nottingham, Leicester and London (Marylebone), 61264 was withdrawn in November 1965. Rather than being scrapped immediately, the loco became Departmental no. 29 and was allocated to stationary boiler duties, still at Colwick., now part of the NYMR Home Fleet
David Hollingworth | Grosmont Line Up

Grosmont Line Up

BR Std 4mt 76079 (Pocket Rocket) 2 - 6 - 0 awaits instuctions along with Lamberton Colliery No 29, 0 - 6 - 2T at Grosmont Station while taking part in the 2019 Steam Gala on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway