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Weaverthorpe Village, David Hollingworth


David Hollingworth

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Hello welcome to my Website, I am A Self Taught Photographer who had the passion for Photography rekindled when I came to retirment and I was bought a Nixon D80 and a couple of lens's, hence at the age of 65 I found myself a new challenge. 

The following year wa a steep learning curve stretching the grey matter to the limit,but I came out to the better more enriched for my expierences;  after the first year I started to specialize in Sports Photography with works being published in National and Local Press. With age I felt it was time to move on alowing photographer with quicker reflexes to take over,

These days my speciality is Heritage Railways showing off the bygone years of the power and romance of Steam Locomotives, my other interests in Photograph are Landscapes and Seascapes who would not be living on the stunning East Coast of Yorkshire

Well folks that is me condenced into a few words I hope you will enjoy your expierence along my journey through my later days



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