Search & Rescue

David Hollingworth | Sea King 128

Sea King 128

The Honour Fell to Sea King 128 and her crew to bid farewell to Bridlington,the RAF & the ROYAL Naval Air Sea Rescue Service is handing over to the Coastguard Sevice at the end of the Month (Operated by Bristows). She is seen landing in the Limekiln Lane Car Park adjacent to the Bridlington Coastguard Station, after landing Members of the Public were allowed on board for a quick insight into the Helicopter: The Sea King is 40 years old, so this grand old lady deserves her retirment we will be enterhaly grateful for those years of service.
David Hollingworth | Sea King on Patrol

Sea King on Patrol

A welcome siight the RAF Search & Rescue Sea King as it flys round the coastline everyday in the Summer Season; here she is flying over Bridlington Bay, . Sadly Missed, never forgoten
David Hollingworth | On Exercise

On Exercise

The Coastguard's Sikorsky 92A practicing hoveriing manouvers with a strong northerly wind blowing in Bridlintgon's North Bay, testing the Pilot's skills'
David Hollingworth | Search & Rescue\Sikorsky S92A

Search & Rescue\Sikorsky S92A

North Bay Rescue. the crew of HMCoastguard Sikorky S92A lowers the winch line to their Paramedic to lift up a patient from the Sea