Chris Langley | Remarkable Purple Iris

Remarkable Purple Iris

Sometimes looking very closely at something outside of its normal context shows the remarkable beauty within
Chris Langley | Wooly Burdock  (Arctium Tomentosum)

Wooly Burdock (Arctium Tomentosum)

Found growing wild at Smymgehuk in Skåne, Sweden, the southernmost point of Sweden, this plant is native to Eurasia from Spain to western China and flowers biennially.
Chris Langley | Grape Hyacinth and Tulip Variety at Keukenhoff, Holland

Grape Hyacinth and Tulip Variety at Keukenhoff, Holland

The annual tulip variety show at the Keukenhoff in Holland, shown in formal, informal and wild settings is truly something to behold
Chris Langley | Chicory  (Cichorium)

Chicory (Cichorium)

Photographed growing wild on the Swedish island of Öland
Chris Langley | Silk Flower Memorial

Silk Flower Memorial

This silk flower was found entwined around the frame and slats of a bench on a river bank in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada. This is a common finding where family members of a deceased person will go to a favourite sitting place of their loved one and leave a memorial flower there in their honour. Sometimes real flowers are left, sometimes silk flowers. The silk ones last a little longer.
Chris Langley | First Day of Spring - Flowering Trees

First Day of Spring - Flowering Trees

Suddenly the world is coming alive again on the first day of Spring. Flowering trees are opening their blossoms.
Chris Langley | Sunny Golden Susans

Sunny Golden Susans

An intriguing variation on Black Eyed Susans basking in the sunshine in Vancouver