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Terri Waters

Terri Waters

Hello, I am Terri Waters, born in London UK in the last century, now living in Mylor Bridge, Cornwall.

My photography is limited to everything that moves and everything that doesn't, in other words, I'll shoot anything you or I like.
Every morning when I pull back my curtains there is a whole new day asking to be explored and I can't wait to get on my bicycle to see where the road takes me.

As a designer I venture into digital art every now and again. A change is as good as a rest for my legs and my bike. Sometimes an idea pops into my head from nowhere and I can't wait to produce an image to convey it to the outside world. 

Would you like your own photographs to be made perfect or your own works of art given a new twist for more variety of prints from your originals?

Your own family portrait photographs can be improved by adjusting the exposure, removing unwanted objects, blemishes and wrinkles. Teeth can be whitened and skin tone improved.
Vintage photographs can be restored to give them a new lease of life.
Maybe you would like a colour or sepia image turned black and white.
Your own work can have a vintage tone and textures or special effects added. Perfect for adapting to cards for your friends, family and business contacts.
My adjustments make your photograph look like it was taken by a professional and your Social Media Profile Picture look amazing.

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