Finland Air Force Pilot Badge 1921-1944

Finland Air Force Pilot Badge 1921-1944

Standard pattern for the Finnish Air Force pilot badge from 1921 to 1944. Other similar badges are rarely seen manufactured using transparent enamel of a pale electric blue colour. There is no known reason for this variation from the vivid blue normally used. Both badges were definitely issued and worn. Please note: the use of the folded cross in this badge bears no reference to its later use by the German Nazis. Both Finland and Latvia used the folded cross as a symbol of peace and health in their state symbology prior to the Nazis using it as their Swastika and this ancient symbol is also found in use in the art of many African and Asian countries. No offense should be drawn from its inclusion in this badge .

Chris Langley

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Chris Langley | Finland Air Force Pilot Badge 1921-1944
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