Knareborough Castle Raven

Knareborough Castle Raven

The castle belongs to the queen under her title ' The Duchy Of Lancaster'. For the celebrations in 2000, it thought it would be fitting to have a northern version of the Tower of London. The difference being that the ravens would be captive bred hand reared birds. This would mean that they would be more approachable and visitors go then stand eye ball to eye ball if they so wished without fear of being attacked. It was also a way of uplifting these magnificent birds persona, by showing people that the old superstitions surrounding ravens were misguided. PLEASE NOTE THIS PHOTOGRAPH IS NOT SUITABLE FOR CANVAS WRAP

David Hollingworth

Image size: 6000 x 4745, 11.99Mb | Camera details: NIKON D7100 | Date uploaded: 11/07/2019

David Hollingworth | Knareborough  Castle Raven
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